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KBlogger::MainWidget Class Reference

#include <mainwidget.h>

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Detailed Description

MainWidget Class It's the main kblogger widget.

Definition at line 81 of file mainwidget.h.

Public Slots

QString currentBlogname ()
void deletePost ()
void modifyPost ()
void reloadSettings ()
void removeLocalMedia ()
void saveStatus ()
void trashPost ()
void updateAllSentPostList ()
void uploadCurrentMedia ()
void uploadCurrentPosts ()


void activated (int)

Public Member Functions

KActionCollection * actionCollection () const
void openSelectedMedia ()
void viewEntry (KBloggerMedia *media)
void viewEntry (KBloggerPost *post)

Static Public Member Functions

static MainWidgetself (KActionCollection *actionCollection=0, QWidget *parent=0)

Protected Member Functions

void updateItemNumbers ()

Private Slots

void changeShownEntriesList (QTreeWidgetItem *currentItem)
void populateAccountList ()
void updateKActions (int i)

Private Member Functions

void initialize ()
 MainWidget (KActionCollection *actionCollection, QWidget *parent=0)
void populateWelcomeTextBrowser (QTextBrowser *textBrowser)
void readConfig ()
void saveConfig ()

Private Attributes

KActionCollection * mActionCollection
Application * mApplication
QMap< QTreeWidgetItem
*, TreeIndex
VisualEditor * previewBrowser
QStackedWidget * stackedWidget

Static Private Attributes

static MainWidgets_self = 0


class MediaList
class PostsList

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