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KBlogger::MediaList Class Reference

#include <medialist.h>

Inheritance diagram for KBlogger::MediaList:

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Detailed Description

MediaList Class

Definition at line 78 of file medialist.h.

Public Slots

void openSelectedMedia ()

Public Member Functions

void addToIgnoredMediaUrls (const KUrl &url)
void appendMedia (KBloggerMedia *kbMedia)
QString blogname ()
int count ()
KBloggerMedia * getCurrentMedia ()
KBloggerMedia * getCurrentThumbnail ()
QStringList getIgnoredMediaUrls ()
QList< KBloggerMedia * > getMediaList ()
void load ()
 MediaList (const QString &blogname, Application *kbloggerParent, QWidget *parent=0)
void removeLocalItem (KBloggerMedia *media=0)
void save ()
void updateSearchLine ()

Protected Types

enum  coloumns { Name = 0, CreationDate, Size, Status }

Protected Member Functions

void setBlogname (const QString &blogname)

Protected Attributes

QMap< QTreeWidgetItem
*, KBloggerMedia * > 
QList< KBloggerMedia * > mSortedMediaList

Private Slots

void previewItem ()
void showPopup (const QPoint &pos)

Private Attributes

QString mFilename
QStringList mIgnoredMediaUrls
Application * mKblogger

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